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SAP to Pay Oracle $1.3B for Copyright Infringement: Jury

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 11-23-2010 Print
The dollar amount is the largest U.S. copyright infringement award on record; an appeal may be forthcoming.

Oracle will be banking the largest U.S. copyright infringement award on record -- $1.3 billion -- from longtime enterprise application rival SAP after a federal court jury on Nov. 23 concluded that amount was fair restitution in a three-year-old copyright infringement lawsuit.

Oracle, in its lawsuit filed in 2007, claimed that SAP -- through an affiliate division -- illegally downloaded more than 8 million instances of its customer-support software and hundreds of thousands of pages of supporting documentation from one of its Web sites, then used those tools to lure customers away from Oracle and over to SAP.

There was no immediate indication that SAP would appeal the decision.

For more, read the eWeek article Jury Decides SAP Will Pay Oracle $13B for Copyright Infringement.


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