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20 Million New Malware Strains Created in 2010

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 11-25-2010 Print
A report by Panda Security found that 20 million new malware strains have been created this year, including more than a third of all active malicious programs.

According to Panda Security, 20 million new strains of malware have already been created this year -- the same total as in all of 2009. The shortened lifespan of the malware, combined with the increased number of variants, demonstrate a shift in the cyber-crime landscape. Many variants are now being created to infect a small number of systems before they disappear, the vendor says.

The average number of new threats created each day has reached 63,000 to date, the company says Panda also finds, however, that the average lifespan of 54 percent of malware has been cut to just 24 hours. Thirty-four percent of all active malware threats were created this year, the company says.

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