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Microsoft's Ray Ozzie Resigns

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 10-19-2010 Print
Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie is resigning from the company, according to an e-mail from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie is resigning from the company. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced the resignation in a companywide e-mail Oct. 18. He also noted that the position of chief software architect -- one previously held by Bill Gate -- will not be reassigned. "The CSA role was unique and I won't refill the role after Ray's departure," Ballmer wrote.

Ballmer's e-mail declined to mention a specific reason for Ozzie's departure but did its best to cast a positive light on developments. "With our progress in services and the cloud now full speed ahead in all aspects of our business, Ray and I are announcing today Ray's intention to step down from his role as chief software architect," Ballmer wrote in his e-mail. "He will remain with the company as he transitions the teams and ongoing strategic projects within his organization."

Ozzie is the latest high-profile resignation from Microsoft. In September, Microsoft Business Division President Stephen Elop stepped down to take the CEO reins at Nokia. Earlier this year, a shakeup in Microsoft's Entertainment & Devices Division saw the simultaneous departures of Robbie Bach, president of that unit, and J Allard, its senior vice president of design and development.

As chief software architect, Ozzie had been at the forefront of Microsoft's movements into the cloud and social-networking spaces. In October 2009, he announced the creation of FUSE Labs, a unit focused on software related to social connectivity, real-time experiences and rich media.

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