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Web Traffic to Online Piracy Sites in the Billions

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 01-11-2011 Print
A new report from MarkMonitor found 43 digital piracy sites combined for 146 million visits per day, or 53 billion per year.

New research from MarkMonitor revealed just how much traffic Websites selling counterfeit and pirated content can generate.

In a study, MarkMonitor searched the Web for sites believed to be offering counterfeit and pirated digital content tied to 22 well-known brands. The results were narrowed down to include 43 unique sites tied to digital piracy and 48 selling counterfeit goods.

What they found is staggering: based on data collected throughout 2010, the top three Websites classified as "digital piracy" sites - rapidshare.com, megavideo.com, and megaupload.com - collectively generate more than 21 billion visits per year. The traffic numbers for the 48 sites selling counterfeit goods were sky-high as well, reaching a combined total of more than 240,000 visits per day on average.

"The operators of these sites use 'best practices' in online marketing, just as a legitimate marketer would," said Te Smith, vice president of communications at MarkMonitor. "The difference, of course, is that they're not following all the rules. Spam, typo-squatting, black hat SEO, linking strategies, sometimes even paid search advertising -- the scammers have a whole bag of marketing tricks that they use to lure traffic to their sites."

For more, read the eWeek article: Online Piracy Web Traffic Reaches Billions.


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