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RIM CEO: Apple App Strategy All Wrong

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 11-17-2010 Print
Research In Motion co-CEO Jim Balsillie Nov. 16 came out swinging against Apple for its closed iPhone and iPad development environment at the Web 2.0 Summit.

SAN FRANCISCO--Research In Motion co-CEO Jim Balsillie Nov. 16 challenged Apple's model of offering an SDK for smartphones and applications within a closed system that doesn't support standard technologies such as Adobe's Flash multimedia software.

"We believe that you can bring the mobile to the Web but you don't need to go through some kind of control point of an SDK, and that's the core part of our message," said Balsillie at the Web 2.0 Summit here. "You don't need an app for the Web" or to use a special defined set of development tools.

This viewpoint stands in stark contrast to Apple's closed development platform of programmers writing apps using Apple-sanctioned software and SDK.

Balsillie said RIM's BlackBerry development environment lets programmers publish apps to a BlackBerry without writing any native code, or use Adobe AIR SDK and have a local runtime on a BlackBerry smartphone.

"So you reject the appification of the Web?" asked Summit host John Battelle. "Correct," Balsillie said, challenging Apple's "there's an app for that" slogan for its iPhone App Store, which has more than 300,000 applications.

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