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SAP, Users Develop Enterprise Support Tools

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 08-05-2010 Print
Business software giant SAP is working with the SAP User Group Executive Network to develop online tools and engagement methodology to ensure that enterprise customers are fully leveraging SAP Enterprise Support services.

Are you looking for a searchable, online repository of best practices around SAP Enterprise Support? The business software giant has partnered with the SAP User Group Executive Network (SUGEN) to begin work on just such a database. The organizations have also agreed to define an engagement methodology for SAP Enterprise Support services. SUGEN brings together 13 SAP user groups, and is designed to facilitate open, honest dialogue between its members and the vendor.

The scalable engagement methodology agreed upon by the two organizations will aim to furnish customers with a clear road map to realizing the full value of SAP Enterprise Support. This engagement methodology guides customers along every step of the SAP Enterprise Support value chain. It provides end-to-end coverage for the customer's solutions, safeguarding the quality of the implementation and operations.

The engagement methodology also includes access to the new SAP Enterprise Support Academy, which features a repository of guided self services, as well as direct access to SAP Active Global Support organization experts who can offer training, best practices and remote support.

The developments follow the latest feedback session with customers involved in the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council, which was established to continue the key performance indicator (KPI) measurements, which were developed by SAP and SUGEN in 2008. The council includes 100 companies from around the world that programmatically share insights about benefit drivers and KPI data.

In conjunction with the SUGEN SAP Enterprise Support Charter team, SAP continues to host regional feedback sessions with customers to jointly develop best practices, guided procedures and self services for enterprise IT.


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