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Texas Health Information Exchange Serves 1.5 Million Patients

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 11-04-2010 Print
Sandlot's health information exchange hits its goal of 1.5 million EMRs in Texas to work toward continuity of care.

Sandlot, a health care IT company in Fort Worth, Texas, has announced that its SandlotConnect HIE (Health Information Exchange) database of EMRs (Electronic Medical Records) now contains 1.5 million patient records.

HIE databases allow physicians, hospitals and clinics to share medical records from various providers and public health authorities to analyze population data to improve community health. Pulling patient information from multiple providers also allows physicians to avoid duplicate medical procedures, according to Sandlot.

Sandlot is a division of North Texas Specialty Physicians. Its HIE now has 1.5 million patients among five counties in Texas: Dallas, Erath, Johnson, Parker and Tarrant.

The shared information could be valuable if a specialist needs to access information provided by a primary care physician or other specialists. Within SandlotConnect, users can access medical records from seven Texas hospitals, two national laboratories, two radiology groups, three EMR databases and two e-prescribing products, Sandlot reports.

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