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Wall Street Journal Puts iPad, iPhone 4 on Top of List in 2010

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 12-27-2010 Print
Apple's iPad, iPhone 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S topped Walt Mossberg's 2010 gadget list, while last-place nods went to the Dell Streak, Google TV and TiVo Premiere.

When it comes to the best and worst tech products of 2010, top billing goes to Apple, according to the Wall Street Journal's venerable tech tester, Walter S. Mossberg. In a list ranking the year's highlights and disappointments, Mossberg named the Apple iPad as the best item on offer particularly for a 1.0 product and additionally gave the iPhone 4 top billing, tying it with the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone line for the number three spot.

Second place went to the nation's new 4G wireless networks.

In his March 31 review of the iPad, Mossberg wrote, "I believe this beautiful new touch-screen device from Apple has the potential to change portable computing profoundly and challenge the primacy of the laptop." However, Mossberg he added that it would have to prove that it really can replace the laptop or netbook for enough common tasks, enough of the time, to make it a viable alternative. This seems to have come true.

Mossberg found it a refreshing change to carry around the iPad, instead of a heavier, bulkier laptop; the iPad's battery to outlast even Apples promises for it; and the device to act as a better e-reader than even the Amazon Kindle. Mossberg even enjoyed typing on the on-screen keyboard which The New York Times tech critic David Pogue, who was uncharacteristically more reserved in his comments, found just barely usable.

As for the nations 4G networks, Mossberg has likely had more opportunities than most consumers to test them, but heading into 2011, consumers certainly have a number of options.


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