Choosing Between Big and Small IT Shops

Salaries and location are important criteria for IT job seekers, but the size of the department may be just as telling.  

When most graduates consider where they would like to begin their careers, they consider cities, salaries and job titles; much more rarely do they consider one core feature of an organization that will drastically change the nature of their job: the size of the company.

Few places is this more apparent than in IT, where small IT shops are usually run by people and large ones by structure and processes.

"In a small shop, one person may be a part-time QA tester or project manager; at a large shop, that's all they--or even a team of people like them--may do. It's what they'll spend all of their time on and something that they'll come to master through a high level of specialization and dedication," said Forrester vice president Marc Cecere.

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This article was originally published on 04-21-2008
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