Forging Alliances

: Creating the IT-Business Connection">

Forging Alliances: Creating the IT-Business Connection

Bowne & Co. Inc.
$1 billion financial printing company

Business Problem: The Internet forced 227-year-old Bowne to start competing on digital delivery, speed, personalization and heightened security.

Solution: Complete overhaul of IT strategy and organization.

Alignment Challenge: Build IT credibility, cut IT costs, speed project development and get IT employees clear on the business strategy.

Management Fix: Created an IT strategy that aligned to the business, devised project management metrics, tied progress to compensation, created continuous feedback loops to keep IT on course with business goals.

Payoff So Far: A more closely aligned IT-business strategy and new business-focused IT culture.

Canada Post Corp.
Canada's $2.8 billion national postal service

Business Problem: A government-mandated review concluded that CP was in a sunset industry, heading for extinction against Web-enabled rivals like UPS.

Solution: Launch $300 million (Canadian) project to overhaul CP to enable digital deliveries and e-logistics.

Alignment Challenge: Make IT a partner with business.

Management Fix: Created a top-level business transformation committee that tied participation to pay, created "business transformation coaches."

Payoff So Far: Two years into five-year project, self-service postal services are in partial rollout (ROI pending).

This article was originally published on 12-21-2002
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