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The Benefits of Strategy

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 06-07-2007 Print
: By The Numbers">The Benefits of Strategy: By The Numbers

Through its Balanced Scorecard efforts, Lockheed Martin saw significant saving in three different parts of the business. A look at some of the gains.

1. IT Service Delivery

Productivity Savings

  • Service Level Management/Automation. 15% productivity savings through better teaming and alignment of objectives to customer needs eliminating wasted efforts and confusion factors. SLA automation is also critical to realizing much of these savings.
  • Standardized SLA Performance Reporting. 10% productivity improvement in reporting through the implementation of a standard process and tools.
  • Regular Communications. 5% productivity improvement due to more effective communications.

2. IT to Business Alignment

Avoidance Savings

  • Business Strategy Maps. 5% cut in the number of non-essential IT initiatives through effective alignment of Enterprise Information Systems objectives to Lockheed Martin and EIS strategic vision.
  • Value Propositions. 15% reduction in non essential IT products and services and associated work through effective alignment of EIS offerings to customer needs.

Productivity Savings

  • Integrated Teams. 10% productivity improvement through standard teaming method that ensure alignment with EIS Strategic Maps and Business Area Visions.
  • Service Offering Optimization. 10% customer productivity savings from increased use of EIS products and services.

3. Business Growth

Revenue Increase

Estimate 10% increase in Lockheed Martin business due do greater program knowledge and involvement to win/keep sold.


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