By V. Sambamurthy  |  Posted 12-01-2001 Print



Building Change— Readiness Capabilities in the IS Organization: Insights from the Bell Atlantic Experience
By Charles E. Clark, Nancy C. Cavanaugh, Carol V. Brown and V. Sambamurthy. MIS Quarterly, 21 (4), Dec. 1997, p. 425.

Transformation of the IT Function at British Petroleum
By John Cross, Michael J. Earl and Jeffrey L. Sampler. MIS Quarterly, 21 (4), Dec. 1997, p. 401.

IT-Intensive Value Innovation in the Electronic Economy: Insights from Marshall Industries
By Omar A. El Sawy, Arvind Malhotra, Sanjay Gosain and Kerry M. Young. MIS Quarterly, 23 (3), Sept. 1999, p. 305.

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