Conclusion 01

Conclusion 01: Satisfaction

Are employees satisfied they can get the data they need, and are they satisfied with its quality? The answers to these fundamental questions not only seem correlated to one another, but to company success as well. But most IT executives aren't satisfied with how well their organizations are implementing a data architecture and ensuring compliance—which may be why companies aren't seeing all the benefits of a data architecture.

Little more than half of respondents (54%) say their employees are extremely satisfied or satisfied with their ability to access the data they need. More successful companies are more likely to be satisfied with data access, 60% versus 40%.

Those more satisfied with getting data are also happy with data quality (77%), while those dissatisfied with access are rarely pleased with data quality (24%).

Satisfaction with issues related to the data architecture plan is clearly correlated to company success. Implementation of, adherence to and satisfaction with the plan itself—issues separate from merely having a plan—are all greater in more successful companies. For example, the more successful companies are extremely satisfied or satisfied with adherence to the company's data architecture plan, 47% versus 30% for those less satisfied. However, such low satisfaction overall probably means IT needs better strategies for creating, implementing and ensuring compliance with its plans.

This article was originally published on 07-19-2002
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