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Future Technologies

By Brian P. Watson  |  Posted 08-13-2008 Print

Which emerging technologies are ready for enterprise adoption? Gartner has some answers, as well as some predictions for down the road.

Gartner also detailed some rising technologies, though the firm doesn't expect them to see large adoption rates for another 5 to 10 years:

Context Delivery Architecture--It's the logical next step in SOA/Web services development, but we've yet to see a high interest.

Surface Computers--These new interfaces can revolutionize the way we work--but not for a while.

3-D Printing--An ambitious and promising technology, 3-D printing barely registered in our recent research.

Virtual Assistants--Telecommuting is increasing, but this major shift is still years off.

RFID (case/pallet)--Don't adjust your screens: RFID is still years away from prime time.

Are you using these technologies yet? What results are you seeing? Tell us below, or email us at editors@cioinsight.com.

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