Vendor Value Survey: Top Ten Charts

A look at how IT providers stack up in reliability, loyalty and value.

Additional quick peeks at the biggest winners and losers in the Vendor Value survey:

Most Frequently Voted Excellent or Poor
Although our ratings report the percentages who rate a vendor as either "excellent" or "good," the respondents are given four choices: "excellent," "good," "fair" and "poor". This is the one set of charts in our survey that reveals who received the highest percentage of "excellent" votes, and who was rated "poor" most frequently. Click here to see which ten vendors received the most kudos, and which ten are cellar dwellers.

Best at Value and Reliability
Our "Value" ratings examine how well vendors meet their customers' expectations for increasing revenues, lowering costs, solving business problems, and delivering ROI. "Reliability" ratings indicate what it's like to work with a vendor: meeting commitments, flexibility and meeting quality expectations. This chart provides a quick summary of the ten vendors that do best in each category.

Best and Worst at Customer Loyalty
Each year, respondents are asked which vendors they would willingly continue to do business with, and which ones they'd drop if they could.

Alphabetical Order
A convenient listing of all 38 vendors' overall scores, and how much they improved (or declined) since last year. The good news: the ratio of companies that improved to those that declined is two to one.

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This article was originally published on 11-14-2007
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