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Best at Value and Reliability

By CIOinsight  |  Posted 11-14-2007 Print

A look at how IT providers stack up in reliability, loyalty and value.

Best at Value and Reliability

It's hard to beat free--which explains why Google, with its free search engine and tools, rises to the top for value. What's remarkable is that the other top 10 vendors come so close.

Value: Average of ratings for increasing revenues and lowering costs as expected, solving the business problem paid to solve, and meeting ROI expectations. Reliability: Average of ratings for meeting commitments on time and on budget, being flexible and responsive, and meeting respondents' quality expectations.

Value Top Top 10*
1 Google 80%
1 Red Hat 80%
3 VeriSign 79%
4 Hewlett Packard 78%
4 Research in Motion 78%
6 Citrix Systems 76%
6 Dell 76%
6 McAfee 76%
9 Check Point Software 75%
9 Trend Micro 75%

*Percentage of IT executives rating vendor as excellent or good.


Reliability Top 10*
1 Check Point Software 80%
1 Hewlett Packard 80%
1 Red Hat 80%
1 VeriSign 80%
5 Cisco Systems 79%
6 Google 78%
7 Adobe 76%
7 Citrix Systems 76%
7 Dell 76%
7 Trend Micro 76%

*Percentage of IT executives rating vendor as excellent or good.

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