Cloud Storage What Every CIO Needs to Know

Moving data storage to the cloud is not without its challenges. The CIO needs to be aware of the very real data risks involved in cloud storage, understand the needs of the various enterprise applications that will be accessing that data, form an exit strategy, and have a proven recovery plan for dealing with service outages such as the one experienced earlier this year by Amazon. Netflix, with its "chaos monkey" approach, is a great example of an enterprise that constantly preps for failure and as a result had its service remain relatively unaffected by the Amazon outage. Trust in the cloud is a major concern for enterprise CIOs, but this is counterbalanced by the enormous computing power and compelling business case that cloud storage offers. Rather than making a huge capital investment, cloud storage enables the enterprise to purchase services and capacity on demand. This leaves room for a "startup culture" in even the largest global companies. This allows IT and other departments to innovate, with a level of agility and flexibility that has never before been available, to create new applications and solutions that use these vast stores of cloud data to meet real business needs.

This article was originally published on 08-31-2011