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Dell, HP Pursue 3PAR

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 08-25-2010 Print

As we head into 4Q 2010, the year in technology is already defined by high-profile vendor mergers and acquisitions. Most recently, HP (which is on an acquisition binge this year) kicked up a bidding war with Dell over virtual storage company 3PAR, while Intel scooped up anti-virus software vendor McAfee. When it comes to making sound technology decisions for your enterprise, you have to consider how much a recent buyout or merger should influence your plans. Are you weighing a new tech purchase, building a business case, or already a longtime customer of a vendor involved in one of these recent M&As? Here, we examine what the 10 most important vendor acquisitions of the year (so far) mean for your enterprise tech decisions, and your vendor relationships.


In Brief: Dell announced in mid-August, in what seemed to be a done deal, that it would acquire virtual-storage company 3PAR for $1.15 billion. On August 23, HP announced its own bid for 3PAR, a whopping 33 percent premium on Dell's offer. At press time, 3PAR hadn't decided on a suitor.


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