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Survey Shows More Evidence of Trend Toward Online Storage

By Chris Preimesberger  |  Posted 02-14-2007 Print
Storage, security and data recovery will be the top spending priorities for IT managed services customers in 2007, CompTIA research reveals.
There's new evidence that businesses are trending toward enlisting online services help to manage the overwhelming data storage/access crunch that's becoming more and more apparent in IT shops.

Research revealed Feb. 14 by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) indicates that buyers of managed IT services will be spending most of their capital dollars on security, storage and disaster recovery products and services in 2007.

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One-third of the 322 organizations surveyed—all current users of managed IT services, such as Web hosting and subscription applications—said they plan to invest or upgrade spending in storage, backup and disaster recovery services, a CompTIA spokesperson said.

The same percentage of organizations, 33 percent, said they plan to invest or upgrade their spending in managed security services in 2007, the spokesperson said.

Other managed services' spending priorities for 2007 include Web or e-mail hosting, cited by 27 percent of the surveyed companies; network monitoring and administration, 25 percent; and software-as-a-service and application subscriptions, 20 percent.

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