The Price is Right

By Frank Derfler  |  Posted 05-01-2001 Print

The Price is Right

How much will wireless cost? For some, it won't be all that much. You can arrange for services that offer voice and data gateways to simply bill you for the volume access you use. Gateway and connection costs, then, can become recurring budget items that should end up paying for themselves over time. That means most of your investment dollars will probably go into making your applications XML-ready. XML is the lingua franca of the networked economy, and if you don't have it yet, you could be in serious trouble—and in more ways than one. XML is the link to B2B marketplaces, corporate Web sites, electronic payments and many other Net-ready ways to do business. Wireless is just one more reason to get your technologies fluent in XML. If you've already done your XML work, you can leverage that investment with wireless.

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