Fighting Back

Fighting Back

Businesses are using new content controls not only to curb theft but also to save money, boost productivity and plump up the bottom line. Here's how:


company | Congressional Quarterly Inc.

challenge | Washington, D.C.-based publisher of government news and analysis sought to stop unauthorized sharing of its subscription-only CQ Daily Monitor.

solution | Web-based delivery with user-access controls has enabled CQ to increase subscriptions by 7 percent and reduce unauthorized copying by 5 percent to 10 percent.


company | Electronic Arts, Inc.

challenge | The $1.7 billion game software developer was reluctant to do more in-house collaboration online thanks to employee piracy concerns.

solution | Software that wraps game designs in an encryption envelope helps EA boost online collaboration, speeding time to market.


company | Simmons & Co. International

challenge | This small financial services firm sought to cut publication costs by moving to more distribution via the Web, but worried about security.

solution | Tracking software lets Simmons know who is using its products—enabling it to determine unauthorized use and identify potential new customers in order to boost revenues. Side benefit: a reduction of $150,000 this year in paper publication costs, now that execs feel more comfortable increasing digital distribution of corporate research.


company | Vetstream, Ltd.

challenge | The U.K.-based animal medical research firm needed an inexpensive way to boost revenues, chiefly by targeting distribution of its subscription-only reports to the more than 17,000 veterinarians in the U.S.

solution | Software that provides access only to licensed users has enabled the company to sell online subscriptions, which Vetstream hopes will boost revenues five-fold.


company | Simon & Schuster

challenge | Book jacket, author photos and sales data for each book were scattered all over the company in paper files and on zip drives.

solution | A new "digital asset library" centralizes data and stipulates terms of use, enabling easy access and faster book production. Fewer employees are now needed to retrieve data on demand.


company | Off Wall Street Consulting Group

challenge | This publisher of buy/sell recommendations for professional money managers had trouble controlling access to its $50,000-per-year-and-up, subscription-only reports. Faxed delivery led to frequent copying by analysts and data leaks that would affect share prices.

solution | Encrypted Inter-net delivery and post-delivery controls like automatic watermarking cut leaks and resulted in a 20 percent hike in subscriptions in 2001.

This article was originally published on 10-10-2002
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