News of the Week October 5th 2011

Apple gives an iPhone to Sprint and releases the iPhone 4S, which eliminates many of the iPhone 4's shortcomings. It has an internal antenna switching system that should reduce if not eliminate the problems with the original antenna causing signal loss if held the wrong way. It also has a much faster processor, better graphics, a better camera and high-definition video. Perhaps more important over the long term is that all iPhone 4Ss will be world phones: They will work with both (CDMA) and GSM networks. Apple also announced the release of iOS 5, which adds a number of much-needed features; Oracle's OpenWorld convention really takes over San Francisco. The production, which runs through Thursday, requires a quarter-million cups of coffee and 14,700 hotel rooms. But the big news out of the show is that Oracle now claims to have completed a fast, DRAM (dynamic memory) and NAND flash-based, big-data-type analytics server that runs its own software or that of Apache Hadoop or EMC Greenplum; We'll also discuss acquisitions made by McAfee, Intel, IBM and Redhat; Lastly, we say goodbye to Diggnation, after 6 years at Revision3.

This article was originally published on 10-07-2011