How to Conduct an Effective ‘Stay’ Interview

How to Conduct an Effective ‘Stay’ Interview

The Issue: CommunicationsThe Issue: Communications

“What information is critical for your job that you’re not receiving?” A Potential Solution: Assign an employee as a designated fact-finder about topics of need, to be shared with IT team/department.

The Issue: Skill DevelopmentThe Issue: Skill Development

“What one additional tech or people skill would help you feel better and/or more productive?” A Potential Solution: Arrange for job shadowing with a high-performing peer.

The Issue: Career AdvancementThe Issue: Career Advancement

“What IT positions are appealing to you, and why?” A Potential Solution: Direct worker to speak to those with the desired position, and then report back on the five most critical skills required for the job.

The Issue: Work OverloadThe Issue: Work Overload

“What can you stop doing that won’t be missed?” A Potential Solution: Reassign less-important tasks that don’t really reflect the employee’s skills/role.

The Issue: CompensationThe Issue: Compensation

“What can you do to make yourself more valuable to our IT department, and therefore worthy of a raise?” A Potential Solution: Check employee’s pay with same-performing peers to verify it’s on target.

The Issue: Flex HoursThe Issue: Flex Hours

“What’s the perfect schedule for you?” A Potential Solution: Consider schedule on trial basis, and evaluate if the staffer’s productivity remains high, and that the new hours don’t impact the work of others.

The Issue: TelecommutingThe Issue: Telecommuting

“Whom must you maintain close relationships with to remain productive? How will you do that while still working from home?” A Potential Solution: Work with employee to identify how to preserve those relationships while telecommuting, while coming up with ways to track whether the arrangement has caused any productivity impact.

The Issue: Peer ConflictsThe Issue: Peer Conflicts

“When was the first time you felt uncomfortable?” A Potential Solution: Bring at-odds employees together to reach resolution. If situation persists, move them into different areas.

The Issue: Company DirectionThe Issue: Company Direction

“Is there a particular decision or event that has prompted your concern?” A Potential Solution: Invite a senior manager to speak at a team meeting, while taking employees’ questions and giving honest answers.

The Issue: RecognitionThe Issue: Recognition

“How do you prefer to be recognized? In public or privately?” A Potential Solution: Focus on the recognition/rewards efforts that inspire the best performance.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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