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    Next-Gen Networks Advance Digital Transformations

    IT decision-makers admit that their companies are still several years away from a fully realized digital transformation, according to a recent survey from Riverbed. The accompanying report, titled "The Future of Networking," ind...read more

    How to Become a Master at Software Delivery

    While modern approaches to software development and delivery are emerging as make-or-break factors for achieving a competitive edge, few organizations excel in practicing continuous delivery, deploying DevOps-enabled automation or ad...read more

    White & Black Hats Point Out Security Blind Spots

    The majority of white hat and black hat hackers said phishing is the best data exfiltration strategy because human error and ignorance will always be exploitable, according to a new study from Bitglass, "Data Games: Security Blind Spots According t...read more

    Big Data Translates Into Big Demand for Tech Tools

    With the volume and velocity of data growing staggeringly fast, an increasing number of companies are investing in big data platforms and interfaces—as well as a variety of other data-focused tools—to respond to the subse...read more

    How Agile Adoption Will Improve App Testing

    With the vast majority of organizations now viewing enterprise app testing as a crucial strategic pursuit, CIOs and their IT teams believe that the adoption of continuous delivery and agile processes will greatly improve testing, acc...read more

    Phishing Prevails Despite Investments in Security

    Despite their investments in security technology, most organizations have been subjected to phishing attacks, and they continue to worry about email-related threats, according to a new survey report, "Phishing Response Trends," which was commissi...read more

    Why IT Architectural Plans Often Get Derailed

    The majority of organizations know that they need to do a better job of planning for IT infrastructure, software development, data needs and cyber-security. But surprisingly few of them actually take part in long-term, tech-focused architectural...read more

    How Large Companies Tackle Cyber-Security

    Large companies grapple with employees' disdain for strict cyber-security policy enforcement and invest in communicating and training personnel rather than strictly enforcing their policies, according to a new survey, "How Large Businesses Approach Cyber...read more

    What CEOs Expect From Digital Transformations

    A significant share of CEOs at multinational companies rank ongoing digital transformation efforts "at the top of our boardroom agenda," according to a recent survey from BT. The resulting report, "Leading from the Front: CEO ...read more

    How ROI Analysis Supports a Smooth Cloud Migration

    The majority of organizations are now conducting a formal ROI assessment before migrating to the cloud, according to a recent survey from Unisys. The resulting "2017 Unisys State of Cloud Transformation Survey" report ind...read more

    Best Security Approach: Layers and Trained Staff

    A new report, the "2017 Global Threat Intelligence Report" from NTT Communications, calls for organizations to acknowledge people as a key part of any security program. That includes hiring and retaining skilled security professionals and using tec...read more

    Many Companies Don't Use DMARC to Fight Phishing

    The vast majority of Fortune 500 companies are "woefully unprotected against phishing," according to a new research report, "Agari Global DMARC Adoption Report: Open Season for Phishers." Those organizations and their customers remain vulnerable t...read more

    Why Some Companies Are Replacing Their CIO

    General dissatisfaction with tech leadership and IT support—as well as significant changes in company direction—are the most likely reasons that an organization will look to change its CIO, according to a recent survey from Delo...read more

    How Pioneering Companies Are Using AI

    While a majority of organizations recognize the urgent need to deploy artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, relatively few are adopting AI beyond pilot programs, according to a recent survey from the MIT Sloan Management Review and the B...read more

    Web Apps Are the Most Vulnerable to Breaches

    Is the cloud more—or less—secure than on-premises data centers? The "2017 Cloud Security Report," a study from Alert Logic, found 51 percent more security incidents per customer in on-premises installations than in public clouds. However, ...read more

    Information Governance Is Poor at Many Companies

    Information governance is inadequate at the majority of companies, and more than one-third do not offer IG training, said a new survey. Furthermore, data lost due to staff negligence or bad practices plague companies, many of which cannot find rec...read more

    How to Make a Business Case for Hiring a CDO

    With business stakeholders increasingly demanding quick access to data, the vast majority of CIOs are convinced that their organization needs to hire a chief data officer (CDO), according to a recent survey from Experian Data Q...read more

    How Citizen Developers Are Driving Business Apps

    With demand for custom apps soaring, the presence of citizen developers is expected to grow over the next two years, according to a recent survey from FileMaker. The accompanying report, "Custom Apps: The Engine for Digital Tran...read more

    CIOs Grow Frustrated With Hiring Delays

    A notable share of CIOs said the hiring process is taking too long, according to a recent survey from Robert Half Technology. In fact, it typically takes well over a month—and sometimes up to three months—to bring a candidate on bo...read more

    Technologies and Sectors Most Vulnerable to Hacks

    Web developers reported that the government and financial services are the two sectors that are most vulnerable to hacking, and that smartphone home IoT is the most vulnerable technology. The survey was conducted for web applications security pro...read more
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