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    Why CEOs Are in the Dark About Cyber-Security

    A new study about the gap between executive awareness and enterprise security finds that the majority of IT security professionals believe CEOs make decisions with little regard to security. IT security pros also believe management teams are not more

    How to Use Threat Intelligence Intelligently

    A new survey finds 47 percent of companies and government agencies have been breached since 2013 and that cyber-intelligence could have prevented (or minimized) the consequences of those attacks. The survey was sponsored by IID and conducted by the more

    5 Bizarre Office Holiday Gifts (and One Great One)

    Whether these occasions are considered an evening to remember—or simply endure—an increasing number of companies are planning to host office holiday parties this year, according to CareerBuilder. They may want to know, more

    Is Work-Life Balance a Myth?

    A worker satisfaction survey from Deloitte presents a mixed bag of sentiments: While today's professionals express high satisfaction levels about their co-workers and bosses, they're less enthusiastic about their organization's overall culture and more

    How Unexpected Costs Create a ‘Cloud Hangover’

    While the majority of CIOs and other IT decision-makers are generally satisfied with their cloud deployments, they're burdened with a wealth of associated, unplanned expenses, according to a recent survey from Sungard more

    How IT Addresses Severe Storage Issues

    The majority of surveyed IT pros revealed they're experiencing storage performance and capacity challenges on at least an occasional basis, according to a recent survey commissioned by Tegile Systems. The resulting "2016 State of Storage in more

    How Top Companies Pursue Analytics Recruitment

    A significant number of organizations can't completely fill vacant digital/analytics positions, according to a recent study from A.T. Kearney, a global management consulting firm. The accompanying "2015 Leadership Excellence in Analytic more

    How Companies Fall Short in Retaining IT Talent

    A significant number of CIOs, tech leaders and IT pros admit that their organization struggles to retain tech talent–but diverge greatly in assessing what exactly their company is doing to keep valued workers, according to a more

    How Retailers Jeopardize Security With Temps

    Retailers misunderstand what is necessary to keep their businesses truly secure and are cutting security corners without even realizing it, according to a new study. They promote a culture, particularly during the holiday season, that focuses more

    Why Workers Are Overwhelmed by Holiday Pressures

    Is this the most wonderful time of the year—or the most stressful? It seems that both descriptions apply, as a significant share of U.S. workers say they're under too much pressure to buy holiday gifts for pretty much more

    Why Organizations Are Acquiring Risk-Sensing Tech

    With innovation comes risk. Because of this, many organizations invest heavily in staffers who specialize in anticipating and preparing for "the worst that can happen." And, today, the majority of tech departments work with these teams to more

    Can Two-Factor Authentication Fix Mobile Security?

    A staggering 95% of IT decision-makers admit obstacles to increased user mobility, according to a new survey. The study, "2015 Global Authentication and Identity Access Management Index," polled 900 IT decision-makers and was more

    The Perils of Poor Privileged Account Management

    Disorganized privileged account management practices expose businesses to serious security risk, a new study revealed. Although 80 percent of respondents have a defined process for managing privileged accounts, they aren’t diligent in more

    How Analytics Separates the Best From the Rest

    Organizations that are superior at deploying analytics are committed to incorporating these efforts within their business strategies, according to a recent survey developed by Forbes Insights in cooperation with EY. The report, titled " more

    How High Performers Pursue Digital Innovation

    The speed of digital advancements is separating companies into the haves and have nots: High performers are much better at creating a digital-friendly work culture with cutting-edge project opportunities, while establishing strong more

    How to Prevent Website Downtime

    News that the company site is down can be a CIO's worst-case scenario. Website outages annoy customers and can cause significant losses in sales and profits. They shake customers' confidence in your site and can push them to a competitor, more

    How to Avoid Strategic Self-Sabotage

    Do you have a saboteur within your IT team? Or are you doing such damage yourself—without being aware of it? The recent book, Simple Sabotage: A Modern Field Manual for Detecting and Rooting Out Everyday Behaviors that Undermine Your more

    Five Reasons Why Employees Are Thankful

    Aside from providing large salaries, big bonuses and all kinds of cushy perks, what can you do to make your staffers thankful for being at work? Try a combination of proactive, professional developmental efforts, along with the fostering of more

    Losing Control of Public Cloud Performance

    Momentum for public cloud deployment is expected to rapidly increase over the next year—at the risk of organizations losing control over critical parts of their IT infrastructure, according to a recent survey from more

    How Analytics Helps Crime Fighters

    Law enforcement’s ability to use data and technology to battle crime is one of the most significant developments in policing. According to a new study, 88% of U.S. law enforcement officials believe that big data analytics has significant potential to more
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