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    Companies Expect Cyber-Attacks but Aren't Prepared

    According to the "State of Cyber-Security 2017" research study from the Independent Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), 80 percent of survey respondents expect a cyber-attack to strike their organization this year, but many remain unpr...read more

    Why IT Leaders Have Too Little Time for Innovation

    If your IT employees feel like they're on a perpetual hamster wheel—working hard but not really moving forward—they're far from alone: Tech leaders and staffers spend the vast majority of their time "keeping the light...read more

    Digital Transformation Is in Chaos

    A new survey finds a "widespread stall" in digital transformation efforts, suggesting that its leadership is in crisis. Half of senior executives polled said their company is not successfully executing 50 percent of its strategies, according to the new rep...read more

    Addressing the Growing IoT Risks to the Enterprise

    So far, security concerns about the internet of things (IoT) have revolved mostly around consumer devices. Yet, as enterprises ratchet up their connections across people, devices and machines, exposure points and risks grow exponentially. A rece...read more

    Cultural Issues Derail Digital Transformations

    There's a huge difference between how companies' executives believe they are encouraging a digital culture and how employees think their leadership is doing, according to a recent survey from Capgemini and Brian Solis, a prominent digital analy...read more

    Why More CEOs Want to Direct Tech Investments

    The majority of CEOs are embracing technology disruption as a potential opportunity, even though most of them admit that their organization may not be prepared for rapid disruption, according to a recent survey from KPMG LLP. ...read more

    Advanced Analytics Tools Offer a Competitive Edge

    While analytics is driving a majority of business decisions today, only a minority of executives feel strongly that their organization is deploying sophisticated analytics, according to a recent survey from Dun & Bradstreet and Fo...read more

    CIOs Must Balance Daily Operations With Innovation

    The line between business and technology strategies has begun to blur, according to a new study, and IT personnel increasingly operate at the core of their organizations. As a result, IT leaders face two sets of challenges: executing day-to...read more

    How Automation and AI Drive Tech Transformations

    While nearly all IT and business decision-makers believe automation plays a critical role in ongoing digital transformation efforts, most admit that they haven't made enough progress in this area, according to a recent survey from Infosys. Th...read more

    The Top 10 Tech Company CEOs in America

    In an era defined by astonishingly rapid changes in IT innovation and business, the CEOs of technology companies tackle highly complex challenges every day. The most admired ones, however, never appear to let the pressure get to the...read more

    CIOs Are Concerned About the Impact of the GDPR

    While the majority of U.S. CIOs consider themselves well-briefed about the European Union's pending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), they are concerned about its impact on their ability to use data related to European customers and indivi...read more

    Security Programs Aren't as Efficient as IT Thinks

    Operations teams are frustrated and stressed due to "a façade of program maturity," as each level of security is buffering the level above from many stress-related issues in an effort to appear more efficient, according to a new study. Thi...read more

    How Machine Learning Helps With Web App Security

    The cyber-security industry will grow from $102 billion in 2015 to $155 billion in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 52 percent, according to Frost & Sullivan. But in its report, "How Machine Learning Will Strengthen the Web Applicat...read more

    Why Your Employees May Be Looking for a New Job

    A significant percent of workers plan to look for a new employer sometime during the year, according to a recent survey from Spherion Staffing. The resulting "2017 Emerging Workforce Study" indicates that salary dissatisfaction is driv...read more

    How Widespread Collaboration Advances Innovation

    With relatively few executives describing their organization as an "innovation leader," companies are resorting to nontraditional methods to drive innovation, according to a recent "Innovation Benchmark" report from PwC'...read more

    Remote Applications Drive Bandwidth Demand

    WAN managers need flexible network services due to the growing demand for higher bandwidth and predictable connectivity to applications that are remote, according to a new study, "State of the WAN Report," conducted SD WAN-supplier Ary...read more

    10 Summer Books on Leadership, Tech and Business

    Whether you're on the beach, by the pool or just taking the train to work, you can make the most of these summer months by immersing yourself in these informative books about leadership, innovation and digital transformations. To of...read more

    Security Awareness Programs Need Full-Time Staff

    The number of full-time employees devoted to security awareness programs and their ability to effectively communicate to and engage with employees are two main reasons why security awareness programs either thrive or fail, says a new report. Furth...read more

    Linking Breaches, Brand Reputation & Stock Prices

    How are a company's reputation and the value of its stock affected by a data breach? The answer to that question was the goal of a new study, "The Impact of Data Breaches on Reputation & Share Value: A Study of U.S. Marketers, IT Practitioners a...read more

    How IT Falls Short of User Expectations

    IT managers said they make a wide range of efforts to boost the productivity and effectiveness of their users, but many users don't think the technology department is aligned with the needs of the business, according to a recent survey conducted by Fo...read more
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