Demand for Cloud Storage: No End in Sight

Demand for Cloud Storage

1-Cloud Use RisingCloud Use Rising

This year, 37% of respondents said they have been using cloud computing for three or more years, a one-third increase over last year’s 27%.

2-Cloudy EverywhereCloudy Everywhere

Compared to last year, the overall adoption of cloud services steadily increased across all categories, with Software as a Service reaching 62%.

3-Cloud Storage and Infrastructure GrowingCloud Storage and Infrastructure Growing

Both cloud storage and Infrastructure as a Service edged closer to 50% adoption rates, at 46% and 49%, respectively. Platform as a Service increased the most because organizations are becoming more comfortable with the cloud.

4-Storage to Trump Other Cloud UsesStorage to Trump Other Cloud Uses

Despite having the second lowest adoption rate today, respondents expect the most from cloud storage. 84% said they use, or plan to use, cloud storage—more than any other cloud initiative.

5-Who's Storing in the Cloud?Who’s Storing in the Cloud?

Enterprises with more than 1000 employees (60% of respondents) are implementing cloud storage at far greater rates than small businesses and mid-market companies with fewer than 1000 employees (38% of respondents).

6-What's Most Valued About Cloud Storage by Users?What’s Most Valued About Cloud Storage by Users?

Scalability and storage capacity was the benefit identified most often by cloud storage users. But the general population said they valued offsite data protection for disaster recovery the most.

7-What's Least Valued About Cloud Storage by Non-Users?What’s Least Valued About Cloud Storage by Non-Users?

In contrast to cloud storage users, scalability and storage capacity expansion was the benefit least cited by organizations without plans to implement cloud storage.

8-Barriers to Cloud StorageBarriers to Cloud Storage

The biggest objection to cloud storage is security and/or loss of control, according to 62% of respondents.

9-More Barriers to Cloud StorageMore Barriers to Cloud Storage

The next three areas of greatest concern are: 38% cited cost and uncertainty about cost, 31% named regulatory compliance issues, 30% listed performance speed, reliability and uptime


Organizations want immediate solutions to rapidly escalating data growth and disaster recovery. Implementing cloud storage incrementally gives them a unique opportunity to solve their immediate problems while testing a long-term storage strategy.

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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