Top 8 Virtualization Management Challenges

Eight Top Challenges of Virtualization Management

Resource Estimate MisfiresResource Estimate Misfires

If you underestimate the amount of RAM you need upfront, you could shortchange the number of virtual machines you attempt to run on your host hardware.

Unleashed Virtual MachinesUnleashed Virtual Machines

Yes, you can create dozens, or hundreds, of virtual machines on a single host. But without capacity management, some could consume all resources while leaving none for the others.


The creating of an army of virtual machines can also throw workflows off-balance, given the complexities they can bring to provisioning and operational tasks.


Unlike a PC environment, virtual machines can’t be backed up to an actual hard drive. That’s why 80% of IT pros say virtualization backup is a top tech challenge.


Six of 10 IT pros say data protection is a top tech challenge. As virtual machines proliferate, a lack of tech and business alignment on practices and procedures elevates risk.

Backward CompatibilityBackward Compatibility

This is especially challenging for enterprises which still depend upon a wealth of legacy systems.

Performance MonitoringPerformance Monitoring

Unlike physical servers, you can’t monitor the performance of virtual servers with common hardware resources such as CPU, memory and storage.

Licensing RestrictionsLicensing Restrictions

Because virtualization might change the way licensed app infrastructure software behaves, you could violate agreements with your vendor. That may expose your organization, liability-wise.

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