10 Emerging IT Techniques, Tools and Platforms

10 Emerging IT Techniques, Tools and Platforms

Emerging IT Techniques: Pace-Layered Application StrategyEmerging IT Techniques: Pace-Layered Application Strategy

According to Gartner, this discourages one-size-fits-all architecture decisions, opting for a balanced view which takes risk calculation into account.

Emerging IT Techniques: Tailored Service TemplatesEmerging IT Techniques: Tailored Service Templates

These templates are used to quickly seed new tech services which are pre-configured to operate within an organization’s production environment. It includes defaults on decisions related to web frameworks, logging, monitoring and deployment approaches.

Emerging IT Techniques: Forward SecrecyEmerging IT Techniques: Forward Secrecy

This cryptographic method protects previous communications sessions even if a server’s master keys are later compromised.

Emerging IT Techniques: Event SourcingEmerging IT Techniques: Event Sourcing

Ensures that all changes to application states are stored as a sequence of events, building an event log which will reconstruct past states so apps can automatically adjust to retroactive changes.

Emerging IT Techniques: Real User MonitoringEmerging IT Techniques: Real User Monitoring

Provides early warning and diagnosis of production issues—pinpointing them to a specific locality—from end users’ browsers.

Emerging IT Platforms and Tools: OpenID ConnectEmerging IT Platforms and Tools: OpenID Connect

OpenID Connect establishes a simple, Web-based protocol to exchange trusted authentication and authorization information.

Emerging IT Platforms and Tools: CoAPEmerging IT Platforms and Tools: CoAP

One of the open standards communication protocols for the Internet of Things, CoAP uses a Web-based model of devices with their own URLs to support a decentralized, request-response model.

Emerging IT Platforms and Tools: MapboxEmerging IT Platforms and Tools: Mapbox

This is an open, mobile-friendly mapping platform which allows developers to add a map and even style it for an application.

Emerging IT Platforms and Tools: FlywayEmerging IT Platforms and Tools: Flyway

Makes for painless, automated changes to databases. It’s lighter on features compared to competitors, but can be used for multiple projects with low friction.

Emerging IT Platforms and Tools: AppiumEmerging IT Platforms and Tools: Appium

Delivers automated testing of mobile web, mobile native and mobile hybrid applications on iOS and Android.

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
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