The Cost of Inefficient Health-Care Communications

The Cost of Inefficient Health-Care Communications

Wasteful CommunicationsWasteful Communications

The top reasons why respondents say they communicate inefficiently are: Pagers not efficient: 52%, Text messaging not allowed: 39%, Wi-Fi not available: 37%, E-mail not efficient: 35%, BYOD not allowed: 25%, Faxing not efficient: 18%

Time Wasted During Patient AdmissionsTime Wasted During Patient Admissions

Admitting one patient takes an average of 51 minutes. Of that, 33 minutes are wasted because of inefficient communications. Result: An annual loss of $728,000 per U.S. hospital.

Emergency Response CoordinationEmergency Response Coordination

It takes 93 minutes, on average, to coordinate an emergency response team for one patient. Of that, 40 minutes are wasted due to inefficient communications. That’s an annual loss of $265,000 per hospital.

Inefficiencies of Patient TransferInefficiencies of Patient Transfer

Transferring a patient from a hospital to home care or a hospice takes about 56 minutes, of which 35 minutes are wasted. Annual cost: $754,000 per hospital.

Labor Costs of Inefficient CommunicationsLabor Costs of Inefficient Communications

$1.75 million per hospital is lost each year because of inefficient labor practices, according to the report.

How Text Messaging Could HelpHow Text Messaging Could Help

Respondents agree that secure text messaging could increase productivity and eliminate about half of the economic loss of inefficient communications.

Potential Savings with Text MessagingPotential Savings with Text Messaging

The extrapolated economic value of these time savings could be $918,000 annually per hospital and $5.88 billion annually across the industry. Patient admissions: $2.3 billion, Emergency response: $0.93 billion, Patient transfers: $2.7 billion

Time Saved For Clinical WorkflowsTime Saved For Clinical Workflows

Estimated annual cost savings using text messaging for clinical communications for 6,409 U.S. hospitals: Patient admissions: 16 minutes, $385,598 in time saved, Emergency response: 22 minutes, $144,693 in time saved, Patient transfers: 20 minutes, $414,834 in time saved

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