Disaster Recovery Plans and Testing Are Lacking

Disaster Recovery Plans and Testing Are Lacking

Disaster Recovery Plans and Testing Are LackingDisaster Recovery Plans and Testing Are Lacking

Forty percent of companies surveyed don’t have a documented disaster recovery plan, and 40 percent of those that do have a DR plan test them only once annually.

DR Planning and Testing LagsDR Planning and Testing Lags

Only 60% of the companies surveyed have a documented disaster recovery plan. 40% test their DR plans annually, 26% test once a quarter, 6% test once a month, 22% test rarely and 6% never test their plans.

Dissatisfaction With DR SolutionsDissatisfaction With DR Solutions

54% of respondents said DR solutions are too expensive, and 37% said they are too difficult to use.

DR Plan Boosts ConfidenceDR Plan Boosts Confidence

78% of respondents who are confident in their DR strategy have a formally documented plan.

Cloud-Based DR HelpsCloud-Based DR Helps

90% of the respondents who use the cloud in their DR solutions expressed confidence in that strategy, whereas just 74% who use only on-premise DR solutions feel confident.

Common Causes of DowntimeCommon Causes of Downtime

Power outage: 75%,
Hardware error: 53%,
Human error: 35%,
Virus or malware attack: 34%,
Data corruption: 26%

More Common Causes of DowntimeMore Common Causes of Downtime

Unexpected updates and patches: 24%,
Natural disaster: 20%,
Expected updates and patches: 20%,
On-site disaster: 11%

Reliability Is CriticalReliability Is Critical

Asked the most important factor in a DR solution, 54% of respondents named reliability, followed by simplicity (16%), cost (16%) and speedy recovery (15%).

The Cost of DowntimeThe Cost of Downtime

67% of the respondents estimated that their business would lose more than with $20,000 as a result of downtime. 27% reported that downtime would cost more than $100,000 per event.

Problems Caused by DowntimeProblems Caused by Downtime

Loss of customers: 65%,
Loss of employee productivity: 29%,
Delayed product and service delivery: 26%,
Loss of revenue: 24%,
Damage to brand and reputation: 11%,
Incurring significant recovery cost: 4%

Re-evaluating DR SolutionsRe-evaluating DR Solutions

After their last downtime incident, 55% of organizations changed their DR strategy, 55% changed or added DR technology, and 39% increased their DR investments.

Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel
Karen A. Frenkel is a contributor to CIO Insight. She covers cybersecurity topics such as digital transformation, vulnerabilities, phishing, malware, and information governance.

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