Why Should You Combine Transactional & Analytic Databases?

One solution to database challenges is to consolidate database operations, combining transactional and analytic capabilities in a single DBMS with blended features. Here’s a breakdown of what we learned from a recent survey.

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Why Should You Combine Transactional & Analytic Databases?

Untimely Data Hurts the Enterprise

Seventy-six percent of the IT professionals surveyed said data that’s not available in a timely way has at least somewhat inhibited their organization’s ability to take advantage of business opportunities.

What’s more, 54% said untimely data limits their company’s ability to improve operational efficiency. Further, 27% said untimely data hurts productivity and agility the most, while 25% said it most negatively impacts their ability to conduct analyses.

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Too Many Databases?

More than 60% of the professionals surveyed said they use more than five analytical databases. Along the same lines, 37% are evaluating new database technologies, while 25% are seeking to retire older versions of databases.

All told, survey respondents outlined the following top business objectives for the year:

  • Innovate faster: 34%
  • Streamline operations: 32%
  • Reduce costs: 18%
  • Simplify architecture: 16%

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A Blended DBMS Can Solve ETL Lag

Eighty-seven percent of the professionals surveyed said that at least 25% of their transactional data is moved via extract transform load (ETL) technology. What’s more, 64% of transactional data moved via ETL technology takes at least five days to reach the analytical database.

Ninety-one percent of the professionals surveyed said that a blended DBMS that combined transactional and analytics capabilities would be at least moderately valuable. Interestingly, 45% said that all new DBMS technologies must be proprietary (not open source), compared to 17% who are seeking DBMS tech that is strictly open source.

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