10 Ways to Lead Like Machiavelli

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 11-05-2013 Email

Do you seek to lead like a lamb or a wolf? That question serves as a central focus in a new book from Gartner, The Wolf in CIO's Clothing: A Machiavellian Strategy for Successful IT Leadership (Gartner eBooks). In the book, author Tina Nunno offers these and other takeaways that convey often-effective managerial strategies that are aligned with the Renaissance-period writer and political theorist. True, Machiavelli was a controversial figure; he felt it was better to be feared than loved. Machiavelli believed the use of force was justified if the results merited it. And he was even described as a "teacher of evil" by the late Leo Strauss, an esteemed 20th-century political philosopher. But an impactful wolf CIO, Nunno contends, can extract many useful lessons from Machiavelli to emerge as a well-rounded and multi-faceted leader. "CIOs should get comfortable using power and growing it," Nunno says. "They should use every weapon in their arsenal to get large groups of people on board." Nunno is a research vice president and Gartner Fellow at Gartner Inc. For more about the book, click here.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.


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