Refining Raw Data Into Marketing Gold

By Dennis McCafferty  |  Posted 03-23-2016 Email

Marketing executives are determined to build more personalized campaigns and interactions with customers—but they don't feel they can do so with their current tech resources, according to a recent survey from Bluecore. The resulting report, titled "A Marketing Leader's Guide to the Data-Centric Marketing Revolution," reveals that many marketers are seeking to increase opportunities for data to drive strategies. But they admit that they face difficulties in extracting actionable insights from their data. To address the challenges, they intend to increase investments into tech tools to improve automation and reporting—and recruit specifically for data analytics skill sets. "The long arc of marketing bends toward increasingly targeted interaction," according to the report. "Advances in technology and the rising bar for personalization set by companies such as Amazon and Google means personalized marketing is crucial for the success of the mainstream marketer. Consumers have been conditioned to expect new levels of personalization and brands must rise to meet the demand … This shift toward marketing to one's audience in a far more personal and targeted manner through the power of data and technology will fundamentally change the way marketers do their jobs." A total of 140 marketing decision-makers took part in the research, which was conducted by Blue Nile Research. (Additional findings here were compiled from prior research from Bluecore.)

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.


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