Is It Time to Write Off Email?

Is It Time to Write Off Email?

Is It Time to Write Off Email?Is It Time to Write Off Email?

As cloud-based Unified Communications increases in popularity, traditional on-premise systems are fading away, causing many tech leaders to wonder if email is a dying format.

Email Is 'Old School'Email Is ‘Old School’

According to 74% of respondents, email will remain an important messaging tool, but new messaging and collaboration platforms will become significant.

New Opportunities for Service ProvidersNew Opportunities for Service Providers

82% of respondents expect integrated messaging and collaboration applications to disrupt the business email market. Only 18% believe email will remain the primary business-messaging tool.

Aging Premises Equipment Being ReplacedAging Premises Equipment Being Replaced

Businesses are using UCaaS and hosted PBX services to replace on-premises equipment and turning to cloud-based unified communication and collaboration services.

Cloud Is the Preferred OptionCloud Is the Preferred Option

Nine out of 10 service providers lead sales opportunities with cloud-based solutions. Only 10% continue to see premises-based PBXs as their market gateway.

UCaaS/Hosted PBX Market to GrowUCaaS/Hosted PBX Market to Grow

Respondents expect UCaaS/Hosted PBX market to grow six-fold across enterprise, midmarket and SMB during the next five years.

United Communications and Mobile May Become SynonymousUnited Communications and Mobile May Become Synonymous

Unified Communications will become increasingly mobile. 42% of respondents believe more than half of interactions for businesses of all sizes will happen on mobile devices by 2020.

UCaaS/Hosted PBX market by Business SizeUCaaS/Hosted PBX market by Business Size

By 2020, respondents believe that UCaaS/Hosted PBX market share will increase according to the following breakout: Small businesses: 48% (10% today), Midmarket businesses: 37% (5% today), Large enterprises: 20% (6% today), Total market: 41% (7% today)

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