Information Governance Is Poor at Many Companies

Information governance is inadequate at the majority of companies, and more than one-third do not offer IG training, said a new survey. Furthermore, data lost due to staff negligence or bad practices plague companies, many of which cannot find records that are required for litigation. The study, "Read More »

Growth in Records Drives Hospital to Flash Storage

Memorial Hospital turned to flash storage to trim costs and provide the staff with high-speed, high-reliability access to electronic medical records.

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American Municipal Power Taps Into Data's Clout

With growing volumes of data from machines and sensors—plus computer-generated data—the wholesale energy provider needed a resilient backup and recovery system.

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Visual Effects Studio Uses Picture-Perfect Storage

Constrained by old tech and budget issues, Crafty Apes upgraded to a storage system that helps it manage stunning visual effects and demanding turnaround times.

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A Persistent Approach to Containers Pays Off

Containers enable TGEN to package application code with underlying system primitives in a way that allows them to run on any type of physical or virtual machine.

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Why Data Storage Issues Keep CIOs Up at Night

With storage capabilities struggling to keep up with the growth of data, the majority of CIOs and other organizational leaders are reassessing their data storage approaches and strategies, according to a recent survey from SUSE. The resulting report, "Numbers Tell Stories," indicates that most IT... Read More »

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