Why Consumers Abandon Digital Brands

Why Consumers Abandon Digital Brands

Why Consumers Abandon Digital BrandsWhy Consumers Abandon Digital Brands

A new study finds that consumers are more concerned with security and privacy than with the customer experience, and they surprisingly don’t mind aggressive advertising.

Top Reasons Consumers Distrust a BrandTop Reasons Consumers Distrust a Brand

The reasons why consumers distrust a brand reach across the enterprise to include marketing, IT and security. The top three reasons are: Inaccurate content (91%), Frequent Website downtime (88%), Overly simple identity and authentication procedures (75%)

Respectful, Aggressive Ads Are FineRespectful, Aggressive Ads Are Fine

Respondents did not mind forceful marketing tactics, like persistent banner ads, but dislike ads that interfere with content (55%). Ads that redirect them to sites they don’t want to see were a close second, at 52%.

The Downside of Downtime for BrandsThe Downside of Downtime for Brands

88% of consumers distrust sites that crash, but 84% are unfamiliar with DDoS attacks, one of the leading causes for downtime.

Why Consumers Leave SitesWhy Consumers Leave Sites

61% of respondents give a Website that goes offline two chances before they give up. 80% give up financial services sites quickly. 59% abandon unavailable retail sites. 58% are more forgiving of government sites and continue to use them despite downtime.

Social Media and BrandsSocial Media and Brands

Data is conflicting with regard to social media and brand perception. 6% of visitors will wait an extra five seconds for social media pages to load, whereas 56% are willing to give unavailable social sites more chances in the future.

Slow Sites Raise Security ConcernsSlow Sites Raise Security Concerns

67% of consumers lose trust when pages load too slowly. 78% worry about security when a site is sluggish.

Checkout and TrustCheckout and Trust

40% of respondents worry the most if checkout takes too long. Speedy checkout is twice as important as quick navigation to another page. Speedy checkout is three times as important as accessing the homepage.

Brand Perception After a BreachBrand Perception After a Breach

One year after a data breach, 50% of respondents continue to view the brand negatively. 63% distrust brands that have been breached.

Passwords and AuthenticationPasswords and Authentication

55% distrust Websites that don’t have two-factor authentication. 31% distrust Websites that rely only on passwords for identification and authentication.

Easy Authentication Does Not HelpEasy Authentication Does Not Help

When it comes to security and convenience, security wins. Easy authentication does not improve the customer experience.

Digital Brand Trust More Important Than EverDigital Brand Trust More Important Than Ever

Digital brands will become more essential than ever in three areas: mobile, wearables and the Internet of things.

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