Digital Transformation Requires IT Automation

Automation Is Vital for IT Transformation

Automation Is Vital for IT TransformationAutomation Is Vital for IT Transformation

Fully expecting the digital transformation to “change everything,” IT decision-makers are determined to find new and better ways to automate processes.

Top PriorityTop Priority

Half of the global IT decision-makers surveyed said digital transformation is the biggest item on IT’s agenda, and 45% said it represents the largest investment of any IT program.

Worthwhile PursuitWorthwhile Pursuit

92% said their organization is pursuing digital transformation to create new sources of revenue, operational excellence and/or unique competitive advantage.

Disruptive ForceDisruptive Force

94% expect technology and automation to spread from IT to all areas of the business by 2020 and will “transform everything.”

Reset ButtonReset Button

89% of the IT decision-makers said they must use IT automation in new ways to achieve digital business objectives.

Survival PlanSurvival Plan

35% strongly agree that businesses that don’t embrace IT automation as a driver of digital business strategies within the next five years will not exist within 10 years.

Jobs ForecastJobs Forecast

73% of the IT decision-makers believe that concerns about the potential impact of automation on employment stability are overblown.


78% said their organization has all the resources it needs to deliver the level of IT innovation required to achieve a digital business transformation.

Perfect HarmonyPerfect Harmony

91% of the IT decision-makers said their business and IT objectives are aligned.

Development PlanDevelopment Plan

57% of the global IT decision-makers said that either their entire company uses DevOps from end to end or that most teams do.

Challenges Aligning Business and ITChallenges Aligning Business and IT

Conflicting objectives among business units: 42%,
Lack of motivation within business units: 33%,
Lack of understanding the need for organizational alignment: 29%,
Failure of senior management to support alignment: 29%

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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