Cost &Time Burdens Plague Mobile App Development

Cost &Time Burdens Plague Mobile App Development

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51% of CIOs surveyed said having a mobile strategy is important to their business, and 46% said it’s critical.

Top Business Goals for MobileTop Business Goals for Mobile

Reducing operating costs: 76%, Increasing employee productivity: 76%, Engaging customers wherever they are: 72%, Creating new revenue paths: 64%, Disrupting the market: 12%

Costly EndeavorCostly Endeavor

The average cost of building a single app is $270,000, with 18% of mobile leaders indicating they spend anywhere from $500,000 to more than $1 million per app.

Extended EffortExtended Effort

56% of mobile leaders said it takes anywhere from seven months to more than a year to build one app, and one-half of CIOs agree that the app development process takes too long.

How to Shorten App Development/DeploymentHow to Shorten App Development/Deployment

Add cloud services: 63%, Standardize development processes: 54%, Outsource development: 46%, Hire additional developers: 42%, Use external consultants: 42%

Migration Under WayMigration Under Way

Two-thirds of CIOs surveyed expect their overall use of cloud services for infrastructure and apps to increase by at least 11% within the next 12 months.

Scattered EffortScattered Effort

71% of app development is led by product lines or functions, such as marketing and sales, rather than a centralized enterprise approach led by IT.

Reasons for Lacking a Mobile StrategyReasons for Lacking a Mobile Strategy

Mobile projects are run separately: 61%, Decision-makers can’t agree on one: 45%, “We’ve been successful without one”: 29%

Missing PiecesMissing Pieces

Seven out of 10 CIOs said they lack the right skills and tools to advance their mobile strategies.

Funding GapFunding Gap

67% said a lack of budget leads to gridlocked or inefficient mobile strategies.

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