Why Mobile Users Expect a Better Experience

Why Mobile Users Expect a Better Experience

Why Mobile Users Expect a Better ExperienceWhy Mobile Users Expect a Better Experience

Consumers’ mobile experience standards are becoming more refined, and they expect businesses to add more personalization while protecting their personal information.

Continuous ConnectivityContinuous Connectivity

61% of survey respondents have a mobile device that’s on and near them for eight or more hours a day.

Morning RoutineMorning Routine

51% check their mobile device within an hour of waking up, and 20% say this is the first thing they do after waking up.

Inadequate EffortInadequate Effort

60% do not feel that companies are meeting their expectations of a good mobile experience, citing gaps in user experience (24%), continuity (23%) and customer service (21%).

Important ImpressionImportant Impression

76% say a positive mobile experience has an influence upon their loyalty to a brand at least “to some extent,” with 39% saying the influence is “significant.”

Buying DecisionBuying Decision

80% view the mobile experience as a priority in deciding whether to make an online purchase, and 39% say it’s a “high” priority.

Top Drivers of Positive Mobile ExperiencesTop Drivers of Positive Mobile Experiences

Convenience: 48%, Security: 46%, Speed: 42%, Customer service: 25%, User experience: 23%

Biggest Expectations of Mobile Users Over Next Three YearsBiggest Expectations of Mobile Users Over Next Three Years

More personalized mobile apps/Websites: 35%, Faster payment methods: 33%, Enhanced ability to order on the move: 27%, Apps that more effectively adapt and react to user location: 25%

Sense of PlaceSense of Place

62% of survey respondents say they’d be willing to be tracked or share their personal preferences to an extent, if it would make for a more personalized customer experience.

Safety FirstSafety First

84% would like to see additional security features incorporated into mobile apps/sites, including those addressing password login (52%), auto log-out (35%) and security questions (34%).

Most Commonly Used Mobile FunctionsMost Commonly Used Mobile Functions

Texts, SMS or instant messaging: 77%, Phone calls: 72%, Email: 62%, Social media: 40%

Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty
Dennis McCafferty is a contributor to CIO Insight. He covers topics such as IT leadership, IT strategy, collaboration, and IT for businesses.

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