8 Interesting Facts About Java Programming

Eight Interesting Facts About Java

Eight Interesting Facts About JavaEight Interesting Facts About Java

Java remains a developer favorite for good reason—it’s secure, robust and relatively simple. These eight facts about Java reveal a bit more about the language.

An Enterprise FavoriteAn Enterprise Favorite

More than 95% of enterprise desktops run Java.

Rising SunRising Sun

Sun Microsystems created Java. Java was originally called Oak. Oracle now oversees Java after its acquisition of Sun in 2010.

Stay TunedStay Tuned

Java was originally designed for interactive TV, but the digital cable industry wasn’t ready for the technology.

Pay DayPay Day

The median salary for a Java developer in the U.S. is $83,975. There are 9 million Java developers worldwide.

Java Comes After CJava Comes After C

After the programming language C, Java ranks No. 2 in popularity among programming languages.

Top Java TechTop Java Tech

The JUnit testing framework is the top Java technology, used by more than four out of five developers. Jenkins is second, used by 70% of developers.

Standard Edition 8Standard Edition 8

Java’s latest major release is the Platform Standard Edition 8. Its features include improved developer productivity and app performance through reduced boilerplate code, improved collections and annotations.

The DukeThe Duke

Java’s mascot, Duke, was created by Joe Palrang, who worked on popular animated movies such as Shrek.

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