10 Signs That an Employee is Going to Quit

10 Signs That an Employee is Going to Quit

Unique Qualifiers: Checking OutUnique Qualifiers: Checking Out

Potential soon-to-be ex-employees stop making constructive contributions in meetings, while suggesting fewer new ideas or innovative approaches in general.

Unique Qualifiers: Short TimersUnique Qualifiers: Short Timers

They’re reluctant to commit to long-term projects. And they do less work overall than before.

Unique Qualifiers: Disinterested PupilUnique Qualifiers: Disinterested Pupil

They decline invitations for training and development programs, and stop expressing interest in advancing within the organization.

Unique Qualifiers: Withdrawal Symptoms, Part IUnique Qualifiers: Withdrawal Symptoms, Part I

They become more reserved and quiet in the office.

Unique Qualifiers: Withdrawal Symptoms, Part IIUnique Qualifiers: Withdrawal Symptoms, Part II

They avoid social interactions with the boss and members of management.

Unique Qualifiers: Bare BasicsUnique Qualifiers: Bare Basics

They do the minimum amount of work needed, no longer volunteering for “over and beyond” duties that they once normally did.

Other Signs: Private ConversationsOther Signs: Private Conversations

If interviewing, they spend more time off-site than before, and they’re on the phone (usually taken privately via cell in a quiet part of the building) frequently when on site.

Other Signs: Dress to KillOther Signs: Dress to Kill

Dressing up is another sign of active interviewing. Even if not in a tie, a male employee may start wearing nicer slacks and a shirt in the office, while keeping a tie and sport coat in his car for a quick change.

Other Signs: Burn NoticeOther Signs: Burn Notice

They use an excessive amount of sick, vacation and personal time in a relatively short period, trying to burn through it before they quit.

Other Signs: Problem SolverOther Signs: Problem Solver

They complain less about work issues they used to care about, because they realize these matters won’t be their concern anymore.

CIO Insight Staff
CIO Insight Staff
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