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Parasoft Corp. has the availability of Parasoft WebKing 6.0, an automated tools suite for testing AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and rich Internet applications.

The Parasoft WebKing 6.0 Web testing suite provides comprehensive testing and analysis of Web sites and Web applications to ensure they meet the reliability, security and performance goals necessary to support business requirements effectively, said Wayne Ariola, vice president of strategy at Monrovia, Calif.-based Parasoft. Parasoft announced WebKing 6.0 at the AJAX World conference in New York on March 19.


JavaScript, a key element in AJAX applications, is typically difficult to debug, Jakubiak said. Yet Parasoft WebKing 6.0 automatically detects errors that are often not exposed until runtime, so users can now find and correct issues at an earlier stage in the software development lifecycle, the company said. Parasoft WebKing 6.0 also prevents flaws from reaching the code with policy creation and enforcement for corporate governance and solution consistency, company officials said.

"Our target is support for the more complex AJAX application or rich Internet applications that address AJAX," Ariola said. "AJAX brings a more dynamic, more complex environment. Script-based applications or using complex scripting can be extraordinarily complex and noisy to create tests."

Jakubiak said AJAX applications can be dependent upon lots of third-party sources, which also can make tests noisy. However, WebKing 6.0 enables users to freeze the data and then test off of the static data pool, he said.


Moreover, WebKing allows for the creation and enforcement of code policies, and can help check for browser compatibility, Jakubiak said.

In addition, Parasoft WebKing 6.0 generates JUnit tests that use an AJAX-enabled library, the company said. This helps to facilitate collaboration between development and QA in short or nonexistent release cycles, significantly reducing the rework loop.

"Web application testing is difficult to automate," Ariola said in a statement. "Teams often create automated test suites, but due to too many false positives they are eventually abandoned. Parasoft WebKing 6.0 facilitates creation of automated test suites that are much more reliable and dependable."

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