CIOs Need Better Tools to Meet Expectations

CIOs Need Better Tools to Meet Expectations

Good ReviewsGood Reviews

63% of survey participants say their organization either “constantly” meets Key Performance Indicator (KPI) goals or meets them “most of the time.”

Top KPIs for IT Operations ExcellenceTop KPIs for IT Operations Excellence

Uptime and system availability: 92%, Performance and response time: 80%, Data loss: 56%, Number of open issues: 52%, Average time to fix: 51%

Toughest KPIs to MeetToughest KPIs to Meet

Performance: 29%, Uptime: 17%, Number of open issues: 15%

Performance Assessment GapPerformance Assessment Gap

57% of large organizations use analytical tools to measure IT performance, compared to just 29% of small companies which do.

Valuable IntelligenceValuable Intelligence

69% of organizations that use analytics can transform most or all of the resulting, relevant insights into actionable plans for improvement.

Top IT Operations Monitored for KPITop IT Operations Monitored for KPI

Storage: 71%, Network: 71%, Applications: 69%, Databases: 66%, Clusters: 49%

Up to the TaskUp to the Task

53% of organizations which track configuration consistency throughout five to six IT operations in real-time or daily are meeting or exceeding goals, compared to no more than one-third of companies that track only up to four areas.

An Overlooked ResourceAn Overlooked Resource

Only 14% monitor the cloud environment for KPIs.

Watchful EyesWatchful Eyes

23% analyze configuration consistency across their network in real-time. Another 16% do so daily.

What's Needed to Achieve Operational ExcellenceWhat’s Needed to Achieve Operational Excellence

Better measurement and analysis tools: 40%, Tools to detect cross-domain IT configuration issues: 22%, Tools to enforce IT best practices: 19%

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