Digital Marketers Need More Centralized IT

Digital Marketers Need More Centralized IT

Big PlansBig Plans

80% of digital marketers anticipate running cross-channel campaigns in 2014, and 60% of digital marketers intend to integrate within no less than four separate channels in 2014.

Top Channels for Digital MarketersTop Channels for Digital Marketers

E-mail: 99%, Social media: 98%, The web: 96%

Top Social Networks for Digital MarketingTop Social Networks for Digital Marketing

Facebook: 93%, Twitter: 88%, Pinterest: 64%, YouTube: 50%, Instagram: 39%

Primary OffenderPrimary Offender

39% of digital marketers say their company’s current tech is the top barrier to cross-channel marketing—the top barrier listed.

Other Major Barriers to Cross-Channel MarketingOther Major Barriers to Cross-Channel Marketing

Organizational structure: 38%, Budget: 38%, Lack of single customer view: 33%, Lack of customer-behavior understanding: 30%

Piecemeal ProcessPiecemeal Process

Only 28% of marketers work on teams that are fully integrated, and most work on teams that are organized by channel or are only somewhat integrated.

Top Business Challenges for Marketing LeadersTop Business Challenges for Marketing Leaders

Collecting and managing structured and unstructured data: 61%, Having the right systems to effectively create and manage customer interactions: 48%, Tracing and measuring the effectiveness of integrated campaigns: 44%

Causes of Poor Data QualityCauses of Poor Data Quality

Human error: 59%, Lack of communication among departments: 31%, Inadequate data strategy: 24%

Siloed StructuresSiloed Structures

Only 30% of digital marketers say their data is managed centrally by a single director. The majority say that, while some centralization exists, many departments adopt their own strategy.

Far-Flung InformationFar-Flung Information

Only one-fifth say they have the ability to link offline data, such as phone numbers and addresses, with online identities very well, and 14% don’t link these two data sets at all.

CIO Insight Staff
CIO Insight Staff
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