Email Dominates Workers’ Lives

Email Dominates Workers’ Lives

On the ClockOn the Clock

45% of employees check work email at least once a day on their own personal time, and an additional 10% do so “in real time” during off-hours.

Vacation StationVacation Station

Nearly two-thirds check their office email while on holiday.

Immediate ActionImmediate Action

31% respond to office emails within 15 minutes of receiving it during work hours.

Lowered ExpectationsLowered Expectations

Less than 11% expect a reply to their own emails within 15 minutes, and just over one-fifth are fine with getting responses within a day.

Work-Life BalanceWork-Life Balance

70% use their company account to send personal emails.

Top Uses for Email ArchivesTop Uses for Email Archives

As a filing system to store docs: 56%, As a backup for lost docs: 34%, To save personal emails away from a day-to-day inbox: 30%

Inappropriate Email Occasions: Kid StuffInappropriate Email Occasions: Kid Stuff

Nearly 7% have checked work emails while attending an event at their child’s school.

Inappropriate Email Occasions: Inappropriate Email Occasions: “I Do …”

5% have called up work email during a wedding.

Inappropriate Email Occasions: Decorum DepartureInappropriate Email Occasions: Decorum Departure

Nearly 4% have done so at a funeral.

Inappropriate Email Occasions: In-Box DeliveryInappropriate Email Occasions: In-Box Delivery

Close to 4% have checked work email while their spouse was in labor.

Final VerdictFinal Verdict

Despite any misgivings, 83% of workers say email is ultimately a blessing, not a curse.

CIO Insight Staff
CIO Insight Staff
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