Google: The Company We Love to Hate?

Over the past 12 years since its inception, Google has become a trusted solution for people around the globe. It has been the average person’s search tool, it has delivered its mobile software to a growing number of consumers, and, along the way, it has offered an advertising platform that has helped it generate billions of dollars each year. But that growth and its increasing influence could have a profound impact on the way Google is viewed going forward. It’s successful, for sure, but all that success is slowly but surely making some folks dislike the search giant. And over time, just as Microsoft became the hated firm in the 1990s, Google could become the company that people love to hate for this decade.

Privacy issues and the Android smartphone OS are two of the top 10 reasons why Google-love could flip to Google-hate.

Google’s privacy problems will continue to be an issue for the search giant. And they likely won’t make consumers view the company any better. Over the past few years, Google has been struggling with concerns over the privacy of its information. The company faced criticism over its handling of Google Buzz. It’s also facing complaints about Google StreetView and its collection of data. Those privacy problems are a black eye for Google. And they could eventually prove to be one of the main reasons why consumers take issue with the company.

By being so successful in the mobile space, Google could eventually face some harsh feelings from consumers. After all, it’s following a similar strategy to that of Microsoft’s in the desktop PC market. And, over time, it will likely corner that market. Plus, security experts are saying that Android OS isn’t as secure as it could be. It sounds like Windows all over again. And that alone could be a problem for Google.

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CIO Insight Staff
CIO Insight Staff
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