IT Struggling With File Management

IT Struggling With File Management

Go-To ResourceGo-To Resource

65% of survey respondents say they use one to five cloud services for business purposes during the normal course of work.

User AppreciationUser Appreciation

More than one-half are satisfied with the functionality of the cloud collaboration services they use the most often.

Search PartySearch Party

Three of 10 say they spend at least a half hour a day looking for files in folders, e-mails, cloud outlets, devices and other locations.

Lost But Not FoundLost But Not Found

Nearly two of five say they are unable to find a file they need at least once a week—and 12% say this happens at least once a day.

A Senior MomentA Senior Moment

More than seven of 10 say they at least “sometimes” forget where they’ve stored critical work files.


32% say they have permanently lost critical work files.


Two-thirds use their mobile devices for business purposes at least a half-hour a day.

Device DependencyDevice Dependency

Nearly four of five say they either couldn’t do their jobs without their mobile devices, or they wouldn’t be as efficient if they were restricted to a desktop.

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