Research: IT Generation Gap Overblown

By now, nearly everyone has heard the dismal account of what generational shifts in the technology workforce will mean for the future of IT: The old guard is soon to retire, few want to join the new guard, and skilled workers are only getting harder to come by.

A report, “CIOs: Avoid War Between IT’s Twentysomethings and More Mature Workers,” released Oct. 24 by Forrester Research analyst Phil Murphy, argues that this position is both irresponsible and just plain wrong.

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The report makes a case that a recent sentiment among bloggers and pundits is that mature workers should get out of the way, as IT belongs to the twenty-somethings, is destructive–by fanning the flames of this underlying rift–and potentially illegal, if older workers are actually cast away on account of their age.

In reviewing stories about mature techies, the report notes the way these stories have gotten twisted.

For example, according to the report, claims that legacy technology cannot be modernized are “patently false.”

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