Special Report: Web 2.0

For many CIOs, Web 2.0 may seem like just the latest in an endless string of Internet fads, irrelevant to the higher concerns of the information technology business. But, like the Internet itself, it’s just not going away. It may be another bubble of sorts, but startups like MySpace and Digg are wildly popular and have a few lessons to teach the corporate establishment: There are very real business opportunities and threats wrapped around this Web 2.0 stuff. The time to take your head out of the sand is now. How can your company cash in on Web 2.0? Or protect itself from it? Read on for advice, best practices and case studies.

Robert Scoble: Life After Microsoft

By blogging for the world’s largest software company, he changed the way companies communicate with the world and became an industry celebrity in the process. Now Robert Scoble is ready to talk about what he learned inside the belly of the beast.

Web 2.0 Primer

Just what does “Web 2.0” mean, and why should a CIO care?

Field Report: Security in the World of Web 2.0

The face of the Internet is changing—and creating new threats for the enterprise.

Viewpoint: Symantec CIO David Thompson on the Brave New World of Web 2.0

The CIO of one of the world’s leading IT security vendors explains the new threats and how they can be mitigated.

Expert Voices: Dave Winer

A pioneer of RSS, blogs and podcasts looks at what’s next.

Web Politics 2.0

In a year when online campaigns showed great potential, the election results proved that Web marketing still has some growing up to do.

Technology: Taking Web 2.0 to the Legal World

How can attorneys get information faster? By pushing it to them via RSS.

Are CIOs Ignoring Web 2.0 Technologies?

Is IT innovation just the privilege of IT organizations? That appears to be the attitude of many IT executives.

Web 2.0 Reality Check

Think your company has adapted to the Internet? Think again. A flood of Web services and user-driven apps will mean fresh challenges for IT management.

Too Many Blogs Spoil the Party

All the hype around blogs in the enterprise obscures some nagging questions about the reliability of blogging services.

A Better Way to Do the Monster Mash

From Baseline: Mashing together data and Web services can do
more than just put Google Maps on your site. It might free you from dominance by software vendors.

Mashups: Remixing the Web

Opinion: Web services continue to get more practical as new hybrids combine services from several sources into richer, more useful resources on specific topics.

CIO Insight Staff
CIO Insight Staff
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